A Short Story For Kids

kids love to listen to stories that have interesting humor to which they can relate. And a short story for kids can definitely catch their attention.

A short story for kids is very beneficial for them. This type of story teaches them various aspects of life.

The story shares some deep meaning which teaches them the bitter truth of life.


The story of the wind and the Sun

A long time ago the wind and the Sun were talking when the wind said something strange to the Sun.

THE WIND SAID: Do you know that I am more powerful than you.

THE SUN SAID: Don't be arrogant my friend.

But the wind got offended. He replied I am not being arrogant I am being truthful if you don't believe me let's have a competition right now.

The Sun did not want to compete with his friend but the wind left him with no choice. Reluctantly he agreed.

THE SUN SAID: Okay my friend let's have a competition.

Just then a young man was walking on the road. The man was wearing a beautiful scarf and a handsome coat.

THE WIND SAID: See that man whoever can get the scarf and the coat off him wins okay.

THE SUN SAID: Wind you go ahead first. And so the wind blew
at the man. The man's scarf moved a bit and his coat front flapped a little.

"It was just a beginning. I will show the man some more of my power now". said the wind.

Now the wind blew a little more strongly the man's scarf and coat front started flapping more in the wind.

The wind grew fiercer and blew more wildly at him the man's scarf almost left him but he caught it and tied it around his neck properly.

The wind blew at the man with all his power and anger but it only made the man wrap his scarf and coat around him more tightly.

He started feeling so cold with the wind blowing at him that he wrapped his arms around his legs and sat down by the road.

The wind failed to get his scarf and coat off.

THE WIND SAID: I have still not lost if my power and anger couldn't do the job you surely won't be able to do it either.

THE SUN REPLIED: Let us see I think you have frozen the poor man maybe he could use some warmth.

And so the Sun gently smiled a bit at the man. Immediately the man started feeling better he straightened up and the color returned to his cheeks he got up and started walking his way again.

THE WIND ASKED: Is that it is that all you will do smile at him.

The son ignored his friend and smiled at the man a little bit more the man became more comfortable and walked his way faster.

The sun gave the man an even bigger smile as the sun smile grew bigger the man started feeling warmer and warmer.

finally, he couldn't take it anymore and started sweating.

He slowly took his scarf off. At last, the sun's warmth became so much for the man that he took off his coat and flung it aside.

The Sun had won the competition.

THE WIND SAID: I am sorry I underestimated the effect of gentleness. I thought only power could make things happen in the world but I was wrong.

THE SUN SAID: Oh don't worry my friend why don't you blow at him gently so that his sweat can banish. The wind did so while the Sun continued to smile at him.

The man went on his way enjoying a pleasant day.

The Selfish Giant

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful garden. It had big trees laden with fruits and many flowers of different colors and fragrances.

The grass was so soft that it felt like a cozy bed. Different birds sang melodies in the garden the whole day long. The children of the village loved playing in the garden.

They would come there as soon as school got over and would stay till evening.

In the far end of the garden was a big castle.

People often said that the giant who owned the garden used to live here but it was empty now nobody knew what had happened to the giant they thought he would never return till one day the earth shook.

And ever loud thumping Sounds with each thump the children were lifted off the ground and back again.

The Giant saw all the children in his garden and yelled loudly Lord are these children doing hell this in my garden.

THE GIANT YELLED: Get out!!! get out of here.

All the children got scared and ran away from the garden the child then built a large wall around the garden so that no one could ever 
enter it.

The next day the giant went to the garden thinking that he would pluck some fruits and flowers but the trees were so sad without the children that they shed all their leaves and fruits and lay bare.

Even the flowers that had blossomed became so sad that they went back into the ground.

As time went by winters came and passed when spring came it was lush green everywhere the roadsides were filled with colorful flowers and green trees everyone.

But with all the sadness present in the garden spring did not come to it the garden remained frozen.

The only one happy in the garden was snow and frost with no spring to melt them they became the Masters of the garden.

One day while the giant was lying in his bed he heard beautiful music coming from the bedroom window, he thought perhaps
the king's musicians were passing in front of the garden.

He looked out of his window and saw that a small bird was sitting on the window ledge and singing.

The spring had finally arrived he looked beyond into the garden the icy wind had stopped blowing.

The snow was melting and Frost was vanishing hail couldn't be seen anyway instead he saw the most beautiful sight the children have broken into the garden.

Some children had found a hole in the wall and had entered the garden from there people on every tree and were happily sprawling on the grass.

The trees were so happy that they covered themselves with green leaves the flowers also came out and the trees were smiling.

Even the birds were chirping new happy tunes.

THE GIANT THOUGHT: What I did was terrible I was selfish I should have never ever blocked the children out of the garden I will go and correct my mistake.

Now the giant went out and broke the wall down.

THE GIANT SAID TO THE CHILDREN: from now on this garden is your playground forever.

The children were so happy that they hugged the child from then on the giant played with the children every day.

As time passed the giant grew very old and tired he wouldn't go up to play with the children he would only watch them from his window

One day he saw a little boy crying so he went to see him what is the matter.

The boy's hands were bleeding which made the giant very angry who has hurt you tell me his name man I will punish him.

The little boy said calm down my friend these are wounds of love then the boy took the giant's hand and took him to the garden of paradise with him.

After some time the other children came to where the little boy had been they found the giant lying on the grass and covered with white flowers he had died with a loving smile on his face.

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