The Little Mermaid Story Original - (Read Full Story)

Kids love stories associated with mermaids and fairies with magical powers and the little mermaid story is basically a fairy tale originally written in the Danish language.

The little mermaid story revolves around a young little mermaid with a pretty and lovely voice and her desire to love a human prince despite all her difficulties.

So, enjoy the story with your kids.


The Little Mermaid Story

In the ocean, there was a big world in the far depth that nobody knew about and even the slightest light could reach in the deep-sea kingdom.

The sea people lived in peace with all the other deep-sea


The king of the sea lived in the deep sea castle with his mother and six daughters and ruled the seas.

The king of the sea loved his daughters very much and his biggest worry was that one day they would be harmed by the humans living above the sea.

And that's why it was banned for the daughters to swim above the sea and explore the world above.

KING SAID TO HIS DAUGHTERS: The humans living above the sea on the land are evil.

"Why humans are evil daddy". asked the Little Mermaid

KING REPLIED: Because humans pollute the seas and kill all the life that lives in it.

The Little Mermaid was very curious about the life on land and especially humans. The stories told about humans by her sisters were not enough for her.

Her grandmother always warned her about humans all the time but she doesn't even listen to her warning.

When the little mermaid earned her crown and grew as old as her sisters she gazed after her sisters as they swim away and made a plan to go out of the deep-sea gate.

She took her friend dolphin with her and went to see a giant whale because the whale could go out of the deep-sea gate whenever he wants.

She told the whale about her plan but he did not agree with her at first because he too was very afraid of the king.

But the giant whale really felt sorry for her and decided to help the mermaid.

Whale let the mermaid enter his giant mouth and hide there while the whale and the dolphin made it to the gate of the kingdom.

The giant whale and dolphin went through the gates easily and after they were out of sight the whale opened his giant mouth and released the little mermaid.

The Little Mermaid swims above the sea with the dolphin.

She felt the breeze and saw the blue skies for the first time in her life. It was the most wonderful day for her.

While she was enjoying the beauty above the sea she heard some music and wanted to find out where it was coming from.

She noticed a ship a little further from her. It was her first time seeing the ship. She became very excited and wanted to see it from near.

The dolphin warned her not to go but she was already out of sight she moved as fast as she could towards the ship.

The ship belonged to the king and the king was having a birthday party for his son. King wanted his son to get married.

But the prince doesn't want to get married to the princess according to his dad.

The little mermaid saw the prince in the ship.

On the other hand, the Prince was playing flute on the ship between his birthday party.

Through her lovely voice, the Little Mermaid followed the song  Prince was playing with his flute.

Suddenly the Prince herd her lovely voice and started to look

"Be careful little mermaid they'll see you". warned the dolphin. The little mermaid jumped back into the water and

At that moment back in the deep-sea Kingdom, The Witch of the seas was watching all that was happening from her crystal ball.

"Let the storms raw the wind blow and a thunder strike all over". curse the witch. With the witch's curse, giant waves appeared from nowhere and not able to fight them back the prince's ship started to drift towards the rocks.

The Little Mermaid was very worried when she saw the drifting ship in the storm.

THE MERMAID SAID: Ship is going to fall apart and sink we have to help them.

The Little Mermaid dive into the water right after the ship and swimming through the shipwrecks she first found the flute the
prince was playing.

She then spotted the Prince unconsciously going slowly into
the deep waters. She immediately pulled him out of the water and carried him to shore.

The prince slowly regained his consciousness and opened his eyes. "You are alive". said the little mermaid with joy.

She suddenly realized where she was and jumped back into the water leaving the prince behind.

The little mermaid swims back to the deep sea Kingdom and the Prince's flute was still in her hand. She could not stop thinking about the prince.

Right at that moment, the king of the seas came in and saw the flute in the little mermaid's hand he immediately realized
that it was human-made.

KING SAID: We have rules and I expect everyone to obey them especially my children. Is it true that you have saved a human from drowning?

THE MERMAID REPLIED: I had to if I didn't he was going to die.

THE KING SAID: Enough humans bring evil the relations between the sea world and the human world is strictly restricted.

With a big rage of anger, the king of the seas stormed out from there.

But the little mermaid still had no intentions to give up. she then went next to Naga the Witch of the seas and asked for her help.

Naga agreed to help but in return, she wanted something very valuable.

NAGA SAID: I will prepare a mixture that will turn you into a human you'll be able to walk and dance on your two feet and in return, I will have your beautiful voice.

Having no other choice the little mermaid agreed to the witch's terms because she really was ready to do anything to see the prince again.

NAGA SAID: Do not forget at the end of the third day with the fourth sunrise the prince must fall in love with you otherwise you will return to being a mermaid and forget the prince forever.

With that last warning, the little mermaid drank the potion witch gave her. She started to swim to the surface but as she swims her tail started to fade and was replaced with two legs. 

The little mermaid made it to shore looking from his castle to the shipwreck the prince noticed the redheaded beauty and ran right next to her.

THE PRINCE ASKED: Have we met before?

The little mermaid could not talk but she handed the flute to the Prince. The Prince played the tune again he had played on the ship once again.

She nodded her head to tell him that she recognizes the tune from before.

THE PRINCE SAID: I saw you when I was playing this tune on the deck of the ship. I heard your voice and then you save me from drowning. I've been looking for you.

The prince was sure that it was the Little Mermaid who saved him but the girl he remembered was a mermaid and had a beautiful voice.

She wanted to speak but had no voice.

The Prince started to think that this girl is actually not the one
who had saved him and she was a mermaid. But he still felt
sorry for her and decided to help and took her to his castle.

The Little Mermaid could not say anything to convince the Prince without her voice, she remembered the witch's words.

The first two days went by fast and finally, it was the third day on this last day the king and the Queen were going to Wed their son the prince with the princess of the neighboring kingdom.

The poor little mermaid she could not explain to the prince that indeed she was the mermaid he was looking for and the Prince started to believe that all he saw was nothing but a dream.

On the fourth day, the Sun was about to rise the little mermaid was crying with sad tears but suddenly something unexpected happened.

first, her sisters came ashore and then her grandma followed. They were there to help her.

GRANDMA SAID: My dear grandchild we are here to undo the witch nagas curse.

The Little Mermaid was very happy but she did not understand how they could help her and lastly her father the king of the seas came out of the water.

His heart could not bear the sadness of his daughter and he also realized that nothing could stand before true love.

THE KING SAID: My dear daughter all I want in this world is
your happiness. Go to your love daughter.

Her grandmother brings out a seashell in which the little mermaid's voice was kept hidden by the witch. The little mermaid's voice came out of the shell and she was finally able to speak.

THE LITTLE MERMAID SAID: My voice Thank You grandmother thank you, daddy, I love you all so very much.

The whales help the mermaid swim to the princess ship as fast as he could.

As the prince and the princess were approaching the altar to say their vows the Prince suddenly stopped as he could hear the little mermaid's beautiful voice.

When he saw the little mermaid coming towards him on a whale without any hesitation he jumped in the sea.

The Little Mermaid finally was reunited with her voice and the Prince.

The Little Mermaid Story

But she was no longer a mermaid she was going to continue her life as a human.

The Little Mermaid and the prince lived happily ever after spreading love, peace, and friendship on both lands and the sea.

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