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Stories have a very deep impact on the minds of kids. They kind of get personally connected to stories. And the story of Pinocchio is another one of such kind.

The story of Pinocchio generally revolves around an old toymaker and a toy that is alive and a magical fairy who casts spells on the toy.

This story teaches us how to deal with difficulties in life and the consequences of disobeying our parents. Kids can learn a lot from this story. So, enjoy the storyline.

The Pinocchio Story

Story Of Pinocchio

A long time ago in a small town, there lived an old toymaker named Geppetto.

He sold wooden toys that he made to get buy. The only thing the old toymaker regretted in his life was not having a child.


One day when he was walking in the woods he found just a write log for his new toy. "Just a log I was looking for. I will make a beautiful puppet with it". said the toymaker.

Geppetto took the log on his back and carried it to his workshop. He then put the log on his table and started to carve.

But suddenly something unexpected happened and he heard a voice coming from the log. Geppetto was stunned at first but then thought that he was mistaken.

Avoiding the voice Geppetto kept on carving but then he heard the same voice again. He said to himself that "I must have grown too old I am hearing voices".

Geppetto kept on working first the head of the puppet came out then finally his arms and legs followed. Gepetto finally finished the puppet sat him on a chair and started to tidy up the place.

At that moment he heard another voice saying hello. Geppetto looked around stunned but he could not see anybody else except the wooden puppet so he kept on with his work.

After a short while, the puppet jumped down from the chair and started dancing in the room seeing this Geppetto really struggled not to faint.

TOYMAKER SAID: Oh my god this puppet is alive.

Of course, it wasn't a real kid but it laughed talked and played like a real kid. Geppetto held the puppet in his arms and hug it.

TOYMAKER SAID: From now on your name shall be Pinocchio, my child.

Gepetto and Pinocchio started to enjoy happier times together. It was time for Pinocchio to go to school but Geppetto does not have the money to buy Pinocchio his school stationery.

Therefore he sold his coat and gave the money to Pinocchio. Pinocchio took the money and got on his way to school with joy watching all the shops people and the marketplaces on the way.

Suddenly he saw a commercial ahead to find out what was going on he went amongst the crowd and because he was so short he barely walked past everyone to get to the front.

What he saw then was a big colorful tent. It was a circus tent the clown in front of the tent was calling out customers.

Pinocchio was curious to see what was inside but the clown
stopped him from entering and said-  "you can't go inside unless you pay".

Pinocchio thought for a while and remembered the money Geppetto gave him for school. He took the money out of his pocket and gave it to the clown and entered the circus.

Inside the tent was extreme fun he saw puppets playing on
the stage in the middle of the tent.

Pinocchio felt very happy seeing that the puppets are also made of wood just like him. Having said that Pinocchio jumping on the stage and began to dance.

But the spectators of the show were very angry with him the owner of the circus above the stage holding the strings of the puppets got very happy to see a live puppet.

THE OWNER SAID: A puppet without strings would make me a lot of money hahaha.

And as soon as the show was over the circus owner caught Pinocchio and put him in a cage. Pinocchio was very upset that he did not listen to Geppetto and went directly to the school.

So he started to cry seeing how regretful Pinocchio was a fairy appeared right next to him and said- "you should have done what your father told you to do".

The fairy noticed that Pinocchio was really ashamed of his act and had promised her that he would never ever do the same mistake again. The fairy saved Pinocchio from the cage.

Pinocchio was very happy wiped his tears away and said- "but I have no money how am I going to go to school now". The fairy cast a spell and money appeared in Pinocchio's hand.

THE FAIRY SAID: Do not waste this money go straight to school.

Pinocchio ran out of the circus as fast as he could.

He then started walking and singing with joy on the way to the school. Watching Pinocchio singing and happy the tricky Fox and his friend the cat cut Pinocchio's way and they made a plan to take away Pinocchio's money.

THEY ASKED:  Where are you going so joyfully, boy.

PINOCCHIO REPLIED: I'm going to buy some stationery and go to school.

FOX SAID: This money won't be enough for stationery if you do as we say you'll have much more money.

PINOCCHIO ASKED: What do you want me to do? 

FOX SAID: Well give us that money and we'll plan it in the magic field and you too can have a money tree you can go and pick the money up whenever you need.

The innocent Pinocchio believed everything the Fox had said and gave away his money. Taking away the money the Fox and the cat quickly got away.

The fairy appeared next to Pinocchio again.

The fairy asked, "Why aren't you still in school with the money I gave you, did you got the stationery."

Actually, the fairy knew that he gave his money to the Fox. She warned Pinocchio don't lie to her all she will punish him. 

Pinocchio did not listen to the fairy and lied.

HE SAID: I bought the stationery but left them at school.

As soon as Pinocchio finished his sentence his nose started to grow. As he told more lies Pinocchio's nose kept on growing and growing at the end he couldn't even move his head.

"Oh, but how what is going on". said Pinocchio.

finally, he realized his mistake and told the fairy all about what had happened. Seeing that Pinocchio had taken the right path the fairy brought his nose back to normal.

THE FAIRY SAID: I am forgiving you because you tell the truth with another spell she gave back the money the Fox had taken and she once more warned him not to waste any more of his money.

Holding the money in his hand singing along Pinocchio started to walk again. But this time around he was facing another type of danger.

The circus owner that had captured him was standing right there before his eyes because he had got away the circus owner was very angry with Pinocchio.

He wanted to punish him he caught Pinocchio and threw him in the sea. When Pinocchio fell over into the sea he did not sink instead he floats on the water because he was made of wood.

Pinocchio really liked this feeling and started to swim by moving his arms and legs.

And all of a sudden a strange thing happened while he was
swimming. He found himself in a dark place, he looked around but could not see a way out.

Actually, Pinocchio was swallowed by a giant fish and now he was sitting right in the middle of his stomach.

Meanwhile, Geppetto was worried about Pinocchio and he went out to search for his son. Finally, he had reached the shore where Pinocchio was thrown in the sea.

Geppetto asked the fisherman whether they had seen his son or not. One of the fishermen remembered the boy Geppetto was asking for and he told him that he fell down in the sea.

Geppetto asked the fisherman for help knowing how good person Geppetto was the fisherman could not refuse to help and so he gave him a small boat to save his son. Gepetto jumped on the boat and sailed to the sea.

After a while, suddenly a big storm had begun the small boat could not handle the big waves anymore and collapsed and
Geppetto found himself in the middle of the sea.

Geppetto was old and also did not know how to swim so he started to sink deep into the water right at that moment the giant fish which had swallowed Pinocchio also swallowed him.

Geppetto slipped down the fish's throat straight into his stomach and there he heard the crying voice of a child. He recognized the voice and called Pinocchio my child where are you.

Hearing his father's voice Pinocchio ran towards his father and hugged Geppetto in tears.

PINOCCHIO SAID: I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you, daddy. Forgive me I will always do what you say from now.

Seeing that this time Pinocchio was really sorry the fairy decided to rescue them. She took Gepetto and Pinocchio out of the fish's belly and flew them onto the shore.

Pinocchio became a very clever boy after that day and always listened to his father.

He goes to school every day and after school, he ran home to help his father in his workshop. He was a completely different boy now.

The Fairly saw what a nice boy Pinocchio have become and decided to give him a prize for that.

One night when Pinocchio was sleeping she came next to his bed and cast a spell on him. In the morning Pinocchio woke up to get ready for school.

Story about pinocchio

As always just as he was getting out of bed he realized that something was different. first, he looked at his hands and then to his body. He was shocked to know that he was not made of wood anymore.

He was a normal boy now.

He jumped with joy from his bed and ran next to his father

seeing Pinocchio as a real boy made Geppetto very happy. "Finally, I have a real son". Said Geppetto.

Father and son hugged each other with tears of joy.

Pinocchio never lied again and became a very obedient and generous boy.

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