The Tortoise And The Hare - (Full Story)

Kids love listening to stories during their bedtime. The tortoise and the hare will always be looked forward by your kids because it is one of the most compelling stories among children.

The tortoise and the hare share a very unique moral of being consistent about everything in our life if we really want to succeed.

Tortoise and the hare story can really motivate your child to be consistent and focused on whatever they do In their life.

Tortoise And The Hare


The Tortoise And The Hare

The Tortoise And The Hare

In a forest lived a hare. All he did was jump, hop, and admire himself. he loved talking about how much faster he was than the other animals.

The other animals hated the way he would show off in saying that nobody in this forest can defeat me in a race because I'm fast.

Everywhere he went he would say I'm so fast no one could ever pass me his words had begun to disturb all the other animals in the forest. 

 Tortoise and the hare

One day a turtle wanted to challenge the hare despite the fact that turtle walked very slowly and it would take him a day to reach the distance the rabbit could make in a minute. 

The turtle wished he would come across the rabbit so one day he went to the rabbit and said I hear that you are the fastest animal in the forest.

Well actually that's what you think but to be sure I would like to race with you.

As soon as the turtle had finished the rabbit began to laugh and said are you joking me it's impossible for you to pass me by the time you take a step I would finish the race.

HARE SAID: Well on this race we never know who wins.

The following morning the animals arrived at the racecourse they noticed the turtle waiting at the starting line all ready to go very sure of himself the turtle was smiling.

OTHER ANIMALS ASKED: Please tell me how you're going to beat the rabbit 

TORTOISE REPLIED: If he really is so proud and the big show off as you all say he is then this race isn't going to be hard at all

Soon with his very stuck-up attitude, the rabbit arrived at the racecourse.

The tortoise and the hare story

The race started just like an arrow the rabbit flew by. The turtle, on the other hand, began to walk slowly.

The animals watching the race thought that the turtle was going to get beaten. After running a while the rabbit stopped
and had a look behind him. The tortoise was nowhere seen.

THE HARE THOUGHT: I'm feeling a bit sleepy I might sit under this tree and take a nap. As confident as he was about winning the race the rabbit drifted off to sleep.

The turtle continued on walking very very slowly but with great confidence, at last, he arrived next to the rabbit he saw that the rabbit was in a deep sleep.

Story of the tortoise and the hare

Without stopping he continued on his way a while later the rabbit woke up when he looked and could not see the turtle the hare thought the turtle is nowhere to be seen maybe he doesn't want to race anymore I should finish my race now.

As the rabbit was slowly making his way to the finishing point, what does he see the turtle had passed him, in fact, the turtle had already finished the race.

Some of the animals waiting at the finish line were extremely happy all the animals were throwing the turtle up in the air with great excitement.

While the rabbit stood in the corner with great sadness.

The Tortoise And The Hare

Turtle the winner of the race walk towards the rabbit and said Mr. rabbit the important thing is being consistent about everything that you do. 

TURTLE CONTINUED: I beat you not because I was faster or wiser I beat you because I was consistent. what you did is show off which is great foolishness.

HARE SAID: You are right! from now I will stop bragging about being the fastest amongst everyone.

Moral of The Tortoise and The Hare: Slow and Steady Wins The Race.

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