The Greedy Dog Story - (Read Full Story)

Kids love stories and stories like the greedy dog story can be a perfect one for them. Kids love stories for several reasons be it for traveling to a new world, for adventure, or maybe the moral behind the story.

The greedy dog story shares a moral of never being greedy too much in our lives and to remain happy with what we have.

I am quite sure that your children gonna love this story and the moral behind it. So, enjoy the story.

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Story Of The Greedy Dog

The Greedy Dog Story

Once upon a time in the town, there lived a dog he was a stray dog who had to make do with whatever scraps of food that he could get. 

People always chased him away from their doorsteps so the dog generally ate out of the dustbin.

One morning he passed by a butcher's shop he saw several pieces of meat hanging in the window there was chicken
ham and long chains of sausage.

The dog looked at them and started to starve even more.

The smell was so tantalizing that the hungry dog decided to go around to the back of the shop to see if there was any meat lying around.

THE DOG SAID: I hope I can find a nice big bone to chew on. It will certainly fill my tummy.

When the dog got there the butcher was taking out some garbage he looked at the thin mangy dog and felt very sorry for him.

THE BUTCHER SAID: I shall go inside and get the poor dog a bite to eat.

Having said that the butcher went back into his shop and came out with a nice big bone for the dog.

Here you go little doggy said the butcher come and get the nice bone I have brought to you. The dog was very pleased he ran up to the butcher wagging his tail and licked his hand.

The butcher gave him the bone and the dog ran away after giving him a grateful bark. The dog grasps the bone hard with his teeth and decided to go into the woods and eat it there.

Actually, the dog was afraid that he might have to share it with some other street dogs.

In order to get to the woods the dog had to cross a stream, there was a bridge across the stream to get to the other side of the stream.

The dog began to walk on the bridge to cross the stream.

Suddenly through the gaps in the wooden bridge, the dog could see his own reflection but the foolish dog thought that it was another dog staring at him.

And to his annoyance, this dog also had a really nice juicy
looking bone in his mouth. The dog became greedy at this point.

He decided that he had to have the other dog's bone as well. The greedy dog began to bark on the other one in order to get his bone too.

As soon as the greedy dog opens his mouth the bone fell into
the water and he stood to look surprised at his own reflection.

The poor dog realized what had happened he was terribly upset at losing his bone. But he said to himself let that be a lesson to me.

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From that very day, the dog was never greedy again. He learned to be happy with what he gets to eat.

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