The Fox and The Grapes

The fox and the grapes is the most compelling story for kids. The fox and grapes share a very unique moral that it is easy to contempt what you cannot get but one should always work hard to get it.

Kids love stories. And the stories like The fox and the grapes will definitely be loved by your children.

The storyline of The fox and the grapes is very fascinating which revolves around a fox and grapes. So, Enjoy it!


The Fox and The Grapes

The Fox and The Grapes

Once, in a forest, there lived a fox. The fox wanted to meet his friend, who was living very nearby.

It was walking and walking and walking, at a point of time the fox felt very thirsty and he stopped.

FOX SAID: I am feeling very thirsty. If I can get some water it would be better for me. When it proceeded further he was feeling much more thirsty and as well as hungry.

The fox and the grapes

But he found nothing to quench his thirst and hunger. He thought that he must travel a long way to meet his friend and that's why he is feeling so much hungry.

All of a Sudden, the fox saw a bunch of grapes while passing by a tree.

THE FOX SAID: It seems that the grapes would be very tastier. I haven't seen such grapes till now. I feel that these grapes would be tasty and very sweet.

The fox and the grapes story

    Now the fox wants to eat those grapes, but he doesn't know how to reach those delicious grapes because the grapes were hanging at a height.

The Fox then decided to catch up those grapes by jumping. He tried and tried and tried, but it couldn't even touch them.

The fox tried repeatedly still it could not catch those grapes. The bunch hung very high. So, he could not reach there.

Story of the fox and the grapes

Losing his hope the fox said to himself that "These grapes are not at all tasty. Better not to catch the grapes anymore. These are not tasty. It seems to be tasty but not so".

The fox said the grapes are not tasty because the fox couldn't reach the grapes.

Moral of the story: A bad workman blames his tools.

As you saw in the story, the fox explained that the grapes were not tasty. So kids try hard until you succeed.

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