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Stories are a great way to keep children involved in productive things. And the fox and the crow story can be a perfect choice for your kid.

The fox and the crow story also teach a unique moral of not to believe everything that you listen, because everybody's intention may not be the same.

We all know that kids love to hear stories during their bedtime. And, the story like this is a great story to narrate them as a bedtime story.

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The Fox And The Crow Story

The fox and the crow story

Once upon a time, there was a forest where only animals lived and no humans ever entered. 

Although they were all different from each other all the animals lived in peace.

Ones the only one that no animal in the forest could get along with was the arrogant crow. The crow did not like to share his food and sometimes he even stole food from the other animals and flew away.

All the animals were talking about this selfish crow and that he needed to be taught a lesson. Being the smartest one the fox took the responsibility to teach the crow a lesson.

THE FOX SAID: leave it up to me. I will just do such a trick on that selfish crow that he won't be able to be an arrogant snob anymore. 

One day the crow went into the city to look for food and he returned to the forest with a big chunk of cheese in his mouth and rested on a branch.

Watching all this from afar the Fox decided to make a move to take the cheese out of the crow's mouth.

The fox and the crow

The Fox came next to the tree on which the crew was resting at that moment the crow was picking on the cheese that he put on the branch.

THE FOX ASKED:  hi there my friend what is it that you're eating I've never seen anything like that.

THE CROW REPLIED: yeah they call it cheese. The humans ate this. 

THE FOX SAID: I'm curious about its taste would you please share some with me. 

THE CROW SAID: No way! do you know how far I have to fly to get this cheese? 

The fox said that one day he will share his food with the crow but the crow refused to share. Whatever the fox says he could not convince the crow to share his food. 

The Fox was smart but the crow was just as smart so this time the Fox made another plan he said okay okay have your cheese I don't want it.

This time the fox came up with another plan. 

THE FOX SAID: hey my friend do you know why I really came down here to. 

To prevent losing the cheese in his mouth the crow asked without opening up his beak -why?

FOX SAID: I have heard that you have the most beautiful voice in the forest and apparently when you sing all animals watching get mesmerized. 

When the crow heard this he fluffed his feathers and started to look very sure of himself.

FOX SAID: sing me a song so that I can hear the magnificent voice of yours and tell about it to my friends.

The Fox finally found the crow's weakest points finally when the self-loving crow opened his mouth. 

The cheese in his mouth fell down and the fox right there to catch it. The crow was stunned and motionless. 

Due to his arrogance and self-consciousness, the crow lost his food to the Fox.

FOX SAID: So my friend what did we learn you should not think of yourself much bigger than you actually are. You shouldn't believe everything you hear.

You shouldn't go around saying I'm the best and don't forget there are always greater Minds. 

The fox and the crow

After he finished his words the Fox walked away and was now lost in the deep forest from that day on the crow gave up being arrogant and selfish he always had good relations with all the other animals and always shared his food.

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