Jack And The Beanstalk- (Read Full Story)

Stories are always loved by children. And every kid enjoys stories in their own way- be it for traveling to a world of magic, learning new things, or just for fun. Jack and the beanstalk is one of such kind of stories that travels to a whole new world of magic.

Jack and the beanstalk also teaches a moral of how to deal with tough situations and not to be greedy once success is achieved.

Besides this, the story can also serve as a great bedtime story for kids. So, read the full story and do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Story of Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack And The Beanstalk

Once upon a time there lived a widow with her only son. named Jack. Their times were really hard and they were living in poverty for long.

Jack was too young to work and earn money. All their house furniture and other belongings were sold off to carry on with their basic daily needs.

Until at last they were left with a cow who used to give milk every day and that they used to sell-off in the market to buy food for themselves.

One day the poor old cow didn't give any milk That's when Jack suggested his mother that we should sell off this cow and get a good return in the bargain. His mother agreed to this.

So Jack left to sell off the cow in the market On the way, he met a butcher who used to trade by selling meat.

THE MAN ASKED: Oh! Where are you going, Jack?

JACK REPLIED: I am going to the market to sell off this cow for a good bargain and get a handsome amount of money in return.

THE MAN SAID: Oh is that so why take the trouble to go that far in the market? I have a very good deal for you.

Having said that the man took out 5 strange looking beans from his pocket and handed them to Jack.

Jack looked little hazed as to what kind of "Good" Bargain is it?

JACK ASKED: Oh My God! They are so beautiful! What do you call these?

THE MAN REPLIED: Beans! Magical Beans.

He added. If you plant them overnight, by the next morning they will grow up and reach the sky.

Jack thought my mother would be so happy to see them. Thank You, Mr. Butcher. Saying that Jack went happily to his mother and showed her the Magical beans.

But to his disappointment, she only got angry at him and shouted and said Jack to go to bed Right away! jack went to his bed sadly.

Jack's mother threw the beans outside the kitchen window and into the backyard and went off to her bed crying and weeping.

The next morning, when Jack woke up, he saw outside his window
and to his surprise, he saw a great beanstalk reaching up to the sky.

JACK SIAD: Oh My God! This beanstalk is so huge. I need to climb this up to see where it takes too. He climbed up and up and up till his home looked a mere spot on the ground.

At last, the stalk ended and Jack found himself in a completely different place where he has never been before.

But suddenly a beautiful lady appeared in front of him and said hello to Jack! You don't know me but I know you and everything about you the castle you see there belongs to a Giant who stole all your father's money and killed him your mother had kept this secret from you, to protect you.

Having said that the lady disappeared in the air. Jack kept standing there and thinking. He thought that giant surely owes me and my family

Far away where the road ended, he could see a Huge Castle. He went up to the castle and knocked on the huge door. A giant woman opened the door. She looked scary and howled at Jack What you want?

JACK SAID: If you please, Ma'am, would you kindly give me some breakfast? I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.

The giant woman though looked cruel and ugly had a kind heart and offered Jack a huge plate of English breakfast but warned him
that he must finish quickly before her Giant husband comes back and eats him up.

Jack started having English breakfast.

Then suddenly there was a huge knock on the door. And the wife picked up the jack and hid him in the huge empty kettle.

As the door opened, the giant entered and roared

"I smell the blood of an Englishman
Be he alive, or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread!"

GIANT'S WIFE SAID: Non Sense! You are mistaken. It's the ox hide you smell. So he sat down at the table and ate the ox that his wife had served him as breakfast.

After he finished he asked his wife to get him his Money Bags. He started counting his money but he was so sleepy that he slept on the table. The whole room was roaring with his snore.

*Story of jack and the beanstalk

Jack, taking an opportunity of this time got out of the kettle, picked up the money bags, and ran towards the door Before the giant woke up he climbed down the beanstalk and to his cottage and didn't look back even once.

After reaching down jack took a sigh of relief and ran to his mother. 

Mother! Look what I got! We are rich now!. The Mother and the son lived quite comfortable until one afternoon when his mother was away and he decided to go up to the Giant's castle and see what was happening there.

So he climbed up the beanstalk and reached the castle. 

There standing at the door he saw the Giant's wife again but she didn't recognize him because he was dressed impeccably this time.

JACK ASKED: If you please, ma'am, will you give me some breakfast?

GIANT'S WIFE SAID: Runaway you little boy! Last time a boy came, he stole my husband's money bag.

But since she was kind-hearted, she offered Jack breakfast. 

At that very moment, the Giant knocked on the door, and quickly she hid Jack in the oven.

The giant entered and roared

"I smell the blood of an Englishman
Be he alive, or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread"

But the Giant's wife once again assured him that he is mistaken and offered him his huge breakfast to eat. After eating his food he asked his wife to get him his Golden hen.

The wife got the hen and the giant roared in his voice Lay! and at the very moment, the hen laid a golden egg and Jack was left amazed with what he saw as he was watching all this.

No sooner he saw the giant was slipping into his deep sleep and once again he came out of the oven picked up the hen and ran for the door.

In meanwhile, the hen began to cackle though the voice of the hen made the Giant move a little still he kept on sleeping.

Jack climbed down the stalk and went straight to his mother and gave her the Golden hen. The Mother and the boy were so rich
that they had money greater than even what they could spend.

One day, he was sitting idle the thought of the beanstalk crossed his mind again and decided to climb it.

No sooner he was at the castle but this time he decided not to be seen and climbed the kitchen wall of the castle and hid in the oven.

In came the giant, roaring louder than ever

"I smell the blood of an Englishman

Be he alive, or be he dead

I'll grind his bones to make my bread!"

But the giantess was quite sure that she had seen no little boy that morning and after grumbling a great deal, the giant sat down for breakfast.

As soon as he got over with his breakfast, he called out to his wife to bring his Harp.

The giant ordered the harp to sing!

Soon the harp started singing the most beautiful sounds ever heard
and no sooner the Giant fell off into his deep sleep. Jack who was waiting for this moment got out of the oven and climbed the table to grab the Harp.

But as soon as he started running off with it, the harp started shouting Master! master!

Hearing that the giant woke up just in time to catch sight of Jack running out of the kitchen door with a fearful roar, he saw Jack running with the harp, and dashed after him.

Little Jack ran as fast as he could while holding the harp tightly in his hands. The giant, taking terribly long strides gained on Jack and he would have been caught if the giant had not slipped over a boulder.

*Jack and the beanstalk real story

Before the giant could pick himself up, Jack began to climb down the beanstalk and when the giant arrived at the edge he was nearly half-way to the cottage.

The giant even began climbing down but as soon as Jack saw him coming, he yelled out "Mother, get me an axe!"
The widow hurried out with a chopper.

No sooner had Jack met the ground than he began cutting the beanstalk in two. Down came the giant with a terrible crash, and that was the end of the giant who killed jack's father.

But the mother had very important advice for Jack.

JACK'S MOTHER SAID: Jack what the Giant did to your Father was bad but you should not have been so greedy. He reaped what he sowed, but greed is also a bad deed.

Jack agreed to his mother and promised to never be greedy again and they lived happily ever after.

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