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Stories have become a crucial part in the lives of children. Child stories in English are very much compelling and enthusiastic for our kids.

Every story has its own unique message within, and that makes a story the most tempting to children. Child stories in English are the best option to go with in that case.

Parents should encourage their kids to read stories more often because it helps in their vocab, imagination, farsightedness, and of course, develops a habit of reading. So, it can be said that child stories in English are beneficial for our kids.

So, below I am sharing some of the most interesting child stories.

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Child Stories English

1) The Fox And The Goat

Child Stories In English

On a long, sunny day, a fox walked through a desert hungry and thirsty for everything he could see was miles of sand and barren rocks. 

The fox needs water badly. He kept on walking and suddenly he saw a well.

He ran and ran with great excitement the moment he leaped on the wall of the well to check the water he lost his balance and fell in the well.

The fox shouted for help.

FOX SAID: Help help somebody please help me this well is really deep how would I ever get out of this place.

Nearby a goat was passing the well. When she heard the Fox
she went to peep over the well. She asked the fox what he was doing there inside the well.

THE FOX REPLIED:just came into this well to cool myself
off why don't you also hop in and enjoy this cool and refreshing water?  

Not even thinking for a second the goat jumped into the well and said this water is actually very refreshing. I could spend all my day out here. After some time the goat stops and asks the Fox oh wait for a second how we will manage to get out of this well.

THE FOX SAID: it's going to be simple if you stand on your two feet and push me up I can manage to reach to the top of the well and then pop out of the well. 

The goat once again without thinking twice does as the Fox says. Once the fox is out from the well.

THE GOAT ASKED: oh Fox what about me? how would I get out?

FOX REPLIED: I guess you have to think about it on your own.

THE GOAT SAID: But I helped you to get out of this well.

FOX SAID: who asked you to?  You should have thought about the consequences before taking any actions.

Moral: One should look before one leap.

2) The Ugly Duckling

Child Stories In English

Near a beautiful pond, there lived a handsome duck couple they were very excited as the babies were about to get hatched from the eggs.

The Papa duck was so eager to see his babies that all he could do was roam here and there in anxiety. suddenly what to hear his sweet little quack coming from the nest.

Suddenly a weird quack comes from below mama duck. And another duckling came out the egg. Seeing that duckling Papa Duck says you are so ugly you can't be our baby.

The papa and mama duck along with the four babies sail away far away from the ugly duckling leaving him behind. 

One day on a sunny afternoon he was wandering around the sides of a lake suddenly he sees a wedge of swans swimming in the pond.

looking at them the ugly duckling thought those swans are so beautiful I wish I was a beautiful duck too. I have no friends because I'm so ugly I feel also lonely.

The Ugly duckling told his story to the swans. After knowing the sad story of that ugly duckling the swan said you are not a duck you are a swan. And I have never seen a beautiful swan-like this in my life.

Child Stories In English

The duck couldn't believe, he just heard and stood there in a state of

The swan held the hand of the duck and took him near the pond see
yourself you are a swan the ugly duckling very reluctantly bends over the water and what he sees leaves him in total disbelief.

He is not a duck he is a handsome young Swan. And the swan with his new friends swims away happily.

Moral: A diamond doesn't know it's worth until it's polished.

3) The Monkey and The Cap Seller

Child Stories In English

Once a cap retailer went to a rural market to sell their products. Hwas going through a forest to the village market. He 'd carried on his head a basket of red caps.

He was tired in the heat of the Sun and for some time thought of lying beneath a tree.

He put his basket on the ground and said I am so tired let me take a small nap under this tree.

There were monkeys who came down on the tree and they took all the caps from the basket of the cap seller one by one. Then they climb on the tree.

Once the cap salesman woke up he was surprised to find his basket bare he was looking everywhere for his caps to his dismay he found the monkeys wearing them.

He found that the monkeys were imitating him so he started throwing his cap down and the monkeys did the same. 

The cap seller collected all the caps that were put back in his basket and joyfully went away.

Moral: Wisdom helps in difficult times.

4) The Fox And The Sick Lion

Child Stories

There once lived a lion in the forest as the lion grew old he couldn't hunt for his food he thought that without food, he would die of starvation.

So the lion thought of a plan he decided to lie down in the cave and
pretend that he is ill and whosoever will come to meet him will
become his prey.

Being the king of the jungle the lion announced he was sick and summoned the animals to come and hear his last will the lion put his sinful plan to practice and it started working.

Animals didn't know about his wicked plan and fell into his trap
many of his well-wishers got killed.

One day a fox came to see the sick lion, and learned the trick he stood on the outside of the cave at a respectful distance and asked how are you, sir.

THE LION REPLIED: I am not feeling well at all but why don't you come inside to meet me.

THE FOX SAID: No thank you, sir, I noticed that there are many prints of feet entering your cave but I see no trace of any returning
still, if I come inside I would be a fool.

And the Fox saved his life and also kept other animals informed.

Moral: You should never trust a fake person.

5) The Dove and The Ant

Child Stories In English

One hot day an ant was walking near a riverbank. The poor ant lost its balance and fell inside the water she screamed for help as the flow of the river was too strong.

She was carried away by the force of the river. A dove watched all of this from a nearby tree the ant struggled in the water for life.

The Dove felt very sad for the little ant and he decided to help her. She said to the ant don't worry my friend I will save you.

Child Stories In English

The dove plucked the leaf quickly and dropped it in the water near the fighting ant the ant moved towards the leaf and climbed up there and the ant reached to the shore safely.

A few weeks later the ant saw a bad hunter with a gun the hunter was targeting at the Dove sitting on the tree guessing what he was about to do the ant bit him on the heel very quickly.

This made the hunter missed his target and the dove became alert and flew from there quickly.

The aunt walked away happily in return because she was happy to support the dove.

Moral: Any good deed that we do for others is sure to return to us.

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