Boy Who Cried Wolf

Today I have come up with another most interesting story which will be definitely liked by kids. And the name of the story as you already know by the title is the boy who cried wolf.

Boy who cried wolf gives a message that one who always tells a lie is never trusted by anyone even when he is telling the truth.

kids often love listening to bedtime stories and the boy who cried wolf story can be your first choice. So, enjoy the story, and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Boy Who Cried Wolf

Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once there lived a shepherd boy in the village, who took care of the sheep.

He was very dedicated to his work every day he used to take the herd of sheep to the top of the hill for grazing and bring them down by evening.

But one day he felt really bored. The boy said, "I feel so lonely that all the villagers work together, so I'm all alone here caring about the sheep with nobody else to speak with what I will do".

Suddenly he got a notion, an evil one that he walked around the edge of the hill and began yelling help someone help me.

THE BOY SHOUTED: here is a wolf he is gonna eat all our sheep help, please. 

Hearing the boy call out for help all the villagers have come up to the top of the hill to save the sheep but reaching there all they could see were calm sheep grazing the grassland.

The villages became very angry with that boy. 

They said you, silly boy, where is the wolf why did you cry out
for help, the villagers were very angry and left the place cursing the shepherd boy.

But the shameless boy began to laugh.

THE BOY SAID: This is so much fun. I made them fool.

The next day the shepherd boy was back again to the routine of taking the Sheep for crazing and yet again he found himself completely bored.

He thought let's try the prank again ha ha ha the boy again went to the hilltop and started shouting hey there is a wolf he's gonna eat all our sheep somebody please help.

Once again the villagers after hearing the boy cried out for help ran to save the sheep but once again came back after being fooled by the boy.

THE VILLAGERS SAID: This is not right you would have to pay for this one day. 

The Shepherd boy went back to his sheep, without apologies on his mouth. 
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story
One day when he was lying under the tree and his sheep were grazing the field. Suddenly he saw some sheep were running here and there.

After looking closely he saw a wolf approaching the herd of sheep boy quickly ran to the edge of the hill and started screaming for help.

There is a wolf for real this time he's going to eat all our sheep
help, please. Well, this time the villagers didn't pay any heed to the boy screaming.

THE VILLAGERS SAID: let's leave him this time - he might be
playing a prank on us again. Don't listen to him he is a liar.

The boy kept on crying for help but no one turned up this time all he could do was stand there and watch his sheep getting killed

by the wolf.

The boy learned a lesson this time. He should have not played
that prank with the villagers'. Nobody believed him when the wolf actually turned up.

The boy cried because he has lost all his sheep and the shepherd boy was never trusted ever by anyone.

Moral of the boy who cried wolf story:

Even if the liars are speaking the truth they are not believed. So, always speak the truth.

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