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Good stories always have a deep impact on children. And the stories like belling the cat can be a good choice for your kid.

Belling the cat is an interesting story that kids always love to listen to or read. This can serve as a great bedtime story for kids.

Parents can narrate this story to their children for a night of quality sleep. So, here I am sharing the story.


Belling The Cat Story

Belling the cat

Once upon a time, a grocer was troubled by some mice that lived in his store. The mice used to spoiled everything in that store. 

THE GROCER SAID: These mice are spoiling everything. Today they pierced holes in the grain bags.

HIS WIFE ASKED: Oh, dear! What should we do?

HE REPLIED: I don’t know. if the villagers came to know about this they will stop coming to the store and buying things from me.

HIS WIFE SAID: Oh no! What will we do then? Our business will be disrupted entirely. We have to find out some solution to this problem quickly.

The grocer's wife thought of an idea. She said- Oh! I have an idea! Why don’t we get a cat for the store?

A good, powerful cat is fast to eat away the mice and new mice are scared to reach the store out of fear.

THE GROCER SAID: Hmmm That’s a brilliant idea!. I will get one first thing tomorrow.

The next morning the grocer went to the market and got a big strong cat for his store Just as his wife had said.

The cat pounced at the first sight of mice. and kill one mice in no time she entered the store.

All the mice were taken by surprise. They called a meeting for that.

At the meeting, one mouse said that our brothers have been attacked and eaten up by this cat that the grocer has brought we all should remain careful from now on.

As the days passed the movement of the mice became restricted. They always lived in fear of the cat and were unable to get food and supplies for their families from the store.

If any of them ventured out the cat ate them. This distressed the mice very much.

They made many plans to avoid and escape the cat but they failed miserably.

They again called for a meeting. 

THE MICE SAID: We are losing our brothers and sisters to this cat. Something must be done to stop this immediately.

Suddenly one mouse present at the meeting said that I have a simple plan but I am sure it will be successful. We just have to put a bell around the cat’s neck.

Every time the cat runs we hear the ring of the bell firstThis will give us enough time to escape her.

All the mice present there became happy. All agreed that this is a great idea. They said Good thinking, brother we should arrange a bell immediately.

An old mouse present there said "Yes, I agree. This is a very good plan. But I have just one question".

And the question is who will bell the cat.

Suddenly there fell a hush over the excited mice because none of them had the answer to the question.

None had the courage to risk his own life to bell the cat. And so it remained that the cat was never belled.

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