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A wolf in sheep's clothing is the most compelling story for kids which they love to listen to during their bedtime. This story gives a message of anything that looks friendly from outside might be harmful to you.

A wolf in sheep's clothing is a famous story among kids. Parents can narrate this story to their children to teach them the harsh reality of life.

Stories like this can make children know that anybody who looks friendly might harm them and its always better to stay away from them.


A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

a wolf in sheep's clothing

Once there lived a wolf in the jungle. The wolf was hungry for many days and was growing weak day by day.

THE WOLF SAID: I'm so weak now. I cannot hunt anymore because I'm not able to catch prey. Soon I'll die of hunger.

He had made several attempts to attack the smaller animals in the forest but all of them had somehow managed to escape.

The hungry wolf kept wandering around in the forest looking for food and one day he happened upon a little village which was at the edge of the forest.

At a little distance from the village, a flock of sheep grazed in the meadows. 

The wolf noticed that the shepherd was fast asleep.

The wolf thought this is my chance. let me hide behind those bushes where that fat sheep is grazing. 

The wolf silently approached the bush and hid there when a fat sheep came close to the bush he pounced on it and kills it and ate up the Sheep.

Oh after so many days of hunger finally I could have some delicious food said the wolf.

Then he suddenly had a bright idea. The wolf thought if I wear the skin of this sheep which I have killed nobody would know I am a wolf.

I can be part of the herd this way whenever I get hungry I can eat a sheep. 

With this evil plan, the wolf put the sheep's skin around himself and blended with the other sheep. And no one could recognize him.

Not even the shepherd who came later to accompany the herd back to the farm.

Every night the wolf wearing the sheep's skin would jump on a sheep and eat it.

Days passed like this. One day the shepherd noticed that the number of sheep in his herd had reduced alarmingly. 

THE SHEPHERD SAID: Hmm this seems to be a big problem. I am sure some of my sheep have gone missing let me take a count of my sheep right now.

There were 26 sheep left as the shepherd counted.

He said I will take a count again tomorrow. The wolf had no idea about it. He, as usual, killed one sheep later that night and ate it up.

The next day when the Shepherd came back he counted the sheep and found that one was missing. The shepherd said that I must find out the reason for this before I lose any more sheep.

As the Sunsets and everything became quiet the Shepherd hid behind a rock and waited to see what was really happening to his sheep.

All of a sudden he saw that a sheep was behaving distinctly from the others. That sheep pounced on a sheep and started eating it up.

By seeing all this the shepherd knew that it was not a sheep rather it is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The shepherd without wasting any time quickly ran to the wolf and crash the wolf within an inch of his life with his stick.

The wolf ran with his smashed and injured limped away as fast as he could deep into the forest like never to return again.

Moral of The wolf in sheep's clothing

So, kids. Never trust anybody who looks friendly from outside at first sight because he/she might have some wrong intention for you and could harm you. So, it's always better to stay away from such kind of people.

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